The concept of e.Concrete gives the opportunity of a flexible access to electricity everywhere, like a tap it provides power right out of the wall.The integrated power supply offers new creative possibilities with a minimum of damage and a maximum of flexibility.
Our interest focuses on the changing needs of illumination in modern living spaces, such as galleries, private homes or lounges.

The warm and soft surface of the current drops endorses the traditional function of a lamp by a haptical dimension and gives the user the possibility to relate to the current flow in a physical way.

Grown from the need to bring pictures to shine without distracting the observer more than necessary, this design stays small, clean and black. Even when you tilt its head, it trys hard to stand back behind the illuminated object.

As a reminiscence to the noble candle holders of our ancestors this light forms a modern "candle". The light emitted at the base is reflected within the bent acryl block and shows only at the sandblasted top. which radiates a flame-like glow.

[patent pending]

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