Froth – design in a crisis?

A relatively unknown financial institution went into bankruptcy and generated a draft which came not only by surprise, but whose underlying structure continues to presents a mystery to many. Public media and politics claim times of change and decline, the apocalypse knocks at our front door and suddenly ideas and concepts are being discussed which seemed out of bound only weeks ago.

Which possibilities and responsibilities lay within the realm of design? Which aspects of the crisis long for a general explanation to get access to the public agenda? And how might the crisis be treated as a creative impulse?

Froth translates some of the most important components and processes of the ongoing financial crisis into simple paper automata to get people involved on a level of low complexity, nourishing their interest and curiosity by means of hands-on work. Through a series of fun and ironic models it opens the door to a deeper understanding aside from quick and scattered information pouring in from the media.

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