Benjamin Dahl and Philipp Böhm sit down together as the performance duo FrameFrame.

With a huge interest in spacial installations and an unbeaten joy for moving images the two rampage through the night.

e.Concrete GbR

Carlotta Werner and Philipp Böhm form the start-up company e.Concrete.

In 2005 the two product designers developed a system to electrify walls in buildings (e.g. fare faced concrete, drywall, etc.). By now they have gained a patent on their product and seek for partnering companies to develope it into a marketable product.

Pappkameraden GbR

The Pappkameraden - We develope paperforms.

Together Maximilian Bauer, Philipp Böhm & Johannes Hein are the Pappkameraden GbR. Originally founded to promote their first marketable product, the "gehsammler", they stuck together and continue to develope new and exciting products.

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